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The right nutrition for your sport horse

July 25, 2023

Subli Sport

The competition season is back in full swing. Every week there are countless equestrian competitions throughout heel Netherlands. Also, our own Subli Competition is already halfway through: four of the eight selection matches sit on it already. Whether you ride dressage with your horse, jumpwedst driving, eventing, edurance or some other discipline: the nutrition of sport horses has a direct impact on their performance, endurance and overall health. And we'd love to help you with that. In this blog, we share tips on the proper feed management of sport horses and talk more about our sport products.  

Forage as the basis of the ration for your sport horse

Good roughage is the basis of every horse's ration, this includes sport horses. It plays a vital role in maintaining healthy digestion and promoting overall health. Because the quality of forage varies tremendously, it is wise to have a forage analysis done. At Subli, we have a healthy supplement to roughage: Subli alfalfa. Sun-dried French alfalfa is more energetic and low in protein than other alfalfa and therefore especially suitable for horses. An additional advantage is that this alfalfa contains no molasses and therefore less sugar and potassium.

Proteins for muscle building

Proteins are crucial for building and repairing muscles. A protein deficiency has unpleasant consequences, such as problems with muscle building and maintenance and a weaker immune system. This can also be seen in the coat that becomes dull, bad hooves or less good shedding. 

Sport horses need sufficient protein to perform and prevent injury. Protein in your sport horse's ration, in combination with a careful training program, ensures muscle building. And that also increases the condition of your horse.

What about sugar and starch?

Sugar and starch: it is a hot topic around horse feed, on horse fancier forums the most diverse statements are made. But remember: sugar and starch is not just bad. After all, a horse does need sugar as an energy source for the brain, organs and muscles. But too much sugar and starch is harmful. So it is very important to find the right balance in the ration that suits your horse and training schedule.

Endurance sports? Then fats are an important component in the ration

In addition to carbohydrates, fats are an important source of energy for sport horses, especially for endurance sports such as eventing and endurance. A lot of energy is then demanded of your horse for an extended period of time. To keep this up, your horse needs proper nutrition. It is important to let your horse wean slowlynnen To a high-fat ration.

Restore and hydrate

After an intense competition or training it is essential for horses to recover and hydrate properly. Let your horse get off slowly, so that your horse's heart rate and breathing gradually returns to the normal values. Give your horse some roughage and reinforce clean, fresh water to prevent dehydration. Providing electrolytes helps In replenishing lost minerals.

Subli has what your sport horse needs

Taking optimal care of your sport horse, we are happy to help you out at. At Subli find exactly what your sport horse needs for a healthy and energetic life.  

Sports chunks

  • Subli Sportbrok+:  Subli Sportbrok+ is a luxury chunk with lots of grains and rich raw materials, provided with a high dose of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.  
  • Subli Prestatiebrok: Subli Prestatiebrok is an exclusive grain mix in pellet form, supplemented with amino acids and a high dose of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. This pellet also contains extra vitamin C, which has extra value for sport horses in stressful situations.


  • Subli Granenmix+: Subli GranenMix+ feed when extra labor is required. Subli Grain Mix+ is a mix of six types of grain (black oats, white oats, barley, wheat, corn and milo) supplemented with a vitamin, mineral and trace element pellet. 
  • Subli geplette haver: Subli geplette haver is very suitable for horses that need extra energy quickly because they have to make a big effort during training and/or competitions. Can't your horse digest oats well? Then choose Subli clipped oats. In spiked oats, the oat grains are stripped of the hull/peel, making it easier to digest. 

Mueslis for sport horses 

  • Subli Sportmuesli: Subli Sportmuesli is specially formulated for horses delivering top performance. The versatile, tasty sports muesli contains prebiotic fiber and energy from oil, crude fiber and only gluten-free grains. 
  • Subli Zonder: Subli Zonder is a high-energy sports mix consisting of a blend of pure natural products without oats and molasses. The high energy content and pitted grains make this horse feed very suitable for sport horses without making them nervous. For top sport horses, we recommend supplementing the ration with the Subli Omega 369 Mix.


  • Subli Atleet: Subli Atleet is a balanced protein and amino acid supplement to support proper muscle building. It includes lysine, histidine, methionine, cystine, threonine, tryptophan and carnitine. Subli Atleet is intended for horses and ponies that need extra protein and amino acids, such as sport horses that need to perform.  
  • Subli Omega 369 Mix: Subli Omega 369 Mix is a highly concentrated energy supplement with a very high content of vegetable oils. It provides horses heavy performance needs extra energy. Each discipline has its own application for Subli Omega 369 Mix. For optimal results from this supplement, please contact ourSubli specialists.

Together, making sure your sport horse gets the best. We're happy to help you with that. Request a no-obligation custom feed consultation or contact our specialists directly at or 0317-499595.