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About Subli

Subli is a leading horse feed brand with many outlets and delivery options throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Subli develops innovative products that promote the condition and performance of your horse.

At Subli, we - like you - have a passion for horses. Driven by this passion, we have been making the best feed for every horse for years. Because health of the horse comes first. At Subli you will find exactly what your horse needs for a healthy, happy and energetic life. After all, you want the best for your horse, just like we do.

Your horse or pony deserves only the very best

Since June 2017, Subli Horse Feed has been a product line of Feedmasters B.V. Voermeesters supplies a high-quality range of feeds for all breeds of horses and all branches of horse husbandry; from breeding and recreation to (top) sport (such as dressage, show jumping, western, endurance and the carriage sport, among others). The Subli horse feed range includes chunks, mueslis and cereals. For special situations, the range is supplemented with supplements and high-quality roughage mixes. The feeds are made from 100% vegetable and safe raw materials such as, oats, barley, corn, bran, linseed and natural herbs. As a specialist in horse feed, Subli knows better than anyone else what horses and ponies need to function properly. That specialist knowledge can be found in the complete Subli assortment.

Affordable top quality

Voermeesters proves with its Subli range that the best quality horse feed does not have to be expensive. With Subli, Voermeesters is, among others, the preferred supplier of Stal van Silfhout and the University Clinic for Horses in Utrecht. More and more reputable users are finding their way and for good reason. Subli horse feeds are not only very tasty and healthy, but also meet the GMP+ label.

Guaranteed feed values

The Dutch compound feed industry supplies high quality animal feeds, with food safety largely guaranteed. In contrast, the feed value of delivered compound feeds was not officially guaranteed anywhere until 2009. Starting in 2009, compound feed companies can join for the assurance of feed value. Features of this organization are complete openness about the raw material composition for the buyer and guarantees of feed value through independent checks. Voermeesters is a member of

Custom feed advice

The better we know your horse and your situation, the better we can help you care for your horse as best we can. Fill out the form on our website Or contact our customer service team directly at or call to 0317-499595.