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Subli Diet Mix - much more than a diet product

April 4, 2024

Subli Diet Mix in the stable

Subli Diet Mix is ideally suited to help overweight ponies (and, of course, horses) lose weight. This diet feed is low in sugar and starch because it contains no grains, grain products or molasses, but it does contain the oh-so-important vitamins. Subli Diet Mix was developed to help horses lose weight in a healthy way. However, what many people do not know: due to its special composition, it is Subli Diet Mix multi-purpose.

Any horse can become overweight

Thinking about obesity in horses, many horse lovers get one of those fat Shetland ponies in mind. But there are more breeds that easily become one size overweight; think Fjords, Haflingers, Tinkers, Friesians and Icelanders. These are "frugal" breeds that have efficient digestion and thus can get by on less nutrition. If you feed these horses like higher bloodstock, they become overweight faster. With these horses, conformation and disposition are partly to blame for the fact that they easily gain a few pounds, but many warmbloods are also a touch on the fat side these days. It seems like the image that owners or handlers have of an average horse's body condition is shifting a bit. If you look at how we keep horses today - we want to take the best care of them, keep them partially stabled and like to give them something tasty - it is fair to say that many horses are at risk of becoming overweight. In the winter when they are stabled a lot, but certainly also in the spring when the grass starts to grow. In any case, it is extremely unwise and even life-threatening to leave a horse on a pasture of fresh grass for too long. Build up grazing slowly and make sure that your horse cannot graze indefinitely.

How can you make a fat horse lose weight?

Simply giving less feed is not good for your horse, but it is also not always healthy. Especially horses and ponies that don't have to do much work don't need much energy, but they do need protein. Protein is necessary to build muscle. If a horse has too little protein in its ration, it will lose muscle mass. That is why it is, also if your horse needs to lose weight, important to give him good nutrition. With Subli Diet Mix, your horse can have that meal every day that makes him so happy, but he does not get too much energy and enough protein to maintain his muscles. Moreover, it contains vitamins; all horses and ponies need vitamins for a good resistance. So you can make an important contribution to a healthy weight of your horse by giving him good nutrition.

"Let food be your medicine"

"Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food." This statement by Hippocrates - the founder of modern medicine - has been a truth like a ... horse for some 2,500 years. Especially when you are sick, you need good nutrition, which can help you get back on your feet. This is just as true for horses as it is for humans. Osteoarthritis, for example, is an extremely painful and life-threatening condition that occurs regularly in, among others, that fat Shetlander we mentioned earlier in this story. But basically any horse can be affected by it. A major cause of laminitis is fructans; substances found in grass (and thus hay). Fructane-rich roughage can exacerbate the metabolic problems that can cause laminitis. Therefore, Subli Diet Mix - which contains hardly any sugar and starch - can provide valuable support for horses with laminitis.

Disease support

Subli Diet Mix can also be used in horses with, for example, muscle paralysis, insulin resistance, PPID (Cushing's disease) and EMS (Equine Metabolic Syndrome). EMS is a collective term for a number of diseases, including insulin resistance, obesity, fat deposits in specific locations and laminitis. We also see localized fat deposits, IR and laminitis in horses with PPID. Horses with EMS react more violently to protein. These horses need adequate protein intake, but not excess. Protein must also be of high quality. Alfalfa in Subli Diet Mix is an example of high-quality protein.

For horses with insulin resistance (and laminitis), it is important to avoid grains and concentrates. Subli Diet Mix does not contain grains and grain by-products. It is also recommended for these horses to limit grazing and feed coarse (stalky) hay. This limits any fructan intake and energy intake (in connection with obesity). Subli Diet Mix, as a high-fiber muesli, is a good addition to the coarse-stemmed hay for these horses.

What if your horse just needs to get fatter?

If a horse is too thin and needs to regain some weight, you can feed him with Subli Diet Mix. The proteins and vitamins in this diet feed provide healthy support for horses that could use a little extra help. A horse can be too thin because he is not getting enough feed, but also because of poor quality feed or a shortage of minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Poor teeth, worms and/or parasites may be another cause. Finally, the horse may consume more energy due to heavy labor, its age (young animals in growth) or the stage of life it is in (think of a lactating mare or a stallion at stud) than it can take in with its feed. Generally speaking, if a horse is sick, his body needs energy to recover. Then Subli Diet Mix can be a supplement to the ration. Because of the building blocks (amino acids from proteins) and minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Therefore, in addition to grazing, Subli Diet Mix would be a great fit for a horse that just needs to gain some weight.

Nutrition for horses with mandatory box rest

If you give a lean horse only Subli Diet Mix in addition to roughage, for example, there is a chance that he will lack some energy. But a horse that has to rest in the box with a tendon injury, for example, will certainly benefit from Dieetmix. Because this feed is low in energy, but does provide high-quality protein and contains enough vitamins, minerals and trace elements to support recovery. You don't want to feed such a horse too high in energy, because then - after several weeks of mandatory stall rest - he may find himself over the box wall.

Super-healthy sports ration

Do you have a horse that does a lot of work? To horses that are competing in sports or that can be taken out several times a week for a long ride under saddle or in front of a carriage, you can give Subli Diet Mix together with linseed oil or linseed meal. Subli Omega 369. This provides extra energy and so you put together a super healthy sports ration that gives your horse energy, protein and vitamins.

Want to know more or get customized nutritional advice?

Is your horse too fat or just too skinny? Are you looking for more information about Subli Diet Mix or any of our other products, or would you like to nutritional advice from one of our specialists? If so, please contact us without obligation at or call to 0317-499595.