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Julie Faiazza and Febe van Zwambagt win Subli Competition Aerdenhout

Aug. 22, 2023

Last Sunday, August 20, the participants in the fifth selection competition of the Subli Competition traveled to the Noord Hollandse Ruiter Vereniging in Aerdenhout. First place in the four-year-olds went to Julie Faiazza with Orange. Just like during the final selection match in Boxtel in the five-year-olds, Febe van Zwambagt with Newport was overwhelmingly the best.

In sun-drenched Aerdenhout, judges Dirk de Haas and Janine van Twist saw many quality horses pass by. The horses were nicely presented. In the class for four-year-old dressage horses no less than 15 combinations participated. In the class for five-year-olds the number of participants was a bit smaller. In both classes could be distributed nice scores.

The four-year-old combinations in the top three were very nicely balanced

It was Julie Faiazza with Orange who stood out here. Dirk de Haas says, "Her horse was super nicely balanced, with no unevenness. Orange walked with a very fine bridle and was powerful in motion." Second place went to Margriet Simonse with Olivia. "Her horse was also extremely balanced. Among the top three, we were very pleased with the balance anyway. The combinations were very nicely balanced, which is very clever for four-year-old horses." The final podium spot went to Mercedes Verweij and Olivier R Tambo Sv. "This horse stood out positively at the canter and earned the highest mark with this. He was able to switch very easily in the scope."

Subli Competition Aerdenhout winners four-year-olds

High score for Febe van Zwambagt

The class for five-year-olds was led by Febe van Zwambagt with a score of 85.8. "Newport is a great horse. The bridle looked very natural," said judge Dirk de Haas. Second place went to Julie Faiazza with the five-year-old horse Nalien with a score of 78.8. Dirk adds: "Nalien was presented nicely in balance by Julie. Moreover, this duo could have scored higher. She had forgotten the turning turn during her test, therefore we unfortunately had to give a penalty point."

Subli Competition Aerdenhout winners five-year-olds

Save enough energy for the actual trial

Dirk also wants to give the riders an important tip. "We had the idea with some four-year-old horses that they were a bit tired. As a rider you have to consider what you are doing before you start the test. Excessive pre-riding can reduce your horse's energy level to such an extent, just at that crucial moment when you want to give everything."

Results Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses Aerdenhout 20 August 2023


1 Julie Faiazza, Orange - 81.6%
2 Margriet Simonse, Olivia - 80.8%
3 Mercedes Verweij, Oliver R Tambo Sv - 80.0%


1 Febe van Zwambagt, Newport - 85.8%
2 Julie Faiazza, Nalien - 78.8%
3 Jeroen Hamelink, Night Watch in 'T Veld - 74.6%

The next selection competition of the Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses will take place on Sunday, September 3, in Tolbert. Look for the complete agenda and more information on theĀ Subli Competition page.