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Dates Subli Competition 2024 known

April 2, 2024

The Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses is about to start again. On Thursday, May 16, the first selection competition will be held at Manege de Prinsenstad in Delft. In this leading competition four- and five-year-old dressage horses can compete with their peers.

Eight selection matches

This season's competition consists of eight selection matches, both indoor and outdoor, followed by a semifinal and, of course, the grande finale during Jumping Amsterdam. All competitions take place at beautiful accommodations with high-quality sandy bottoms. The competition is open to horses of all studbooks.

Placement in the semifinals and finals

For placement in the semifinals, the two highest results from the selection competitions will be taken into account. The best fifteen horses per age category will then be invited to the semi-finals in December. The top five of these will qualify for the exciting final that is traditionally held during Jumping Amsterdam.

From talent to the top

The Subli Competition has produced many successful dressage horses over the years. The careers of many of these horses, including well-known names such as Arlando, Capri Sonne Jr., Johnny Depp and Sir Fashion have taken off after winning this competition. "The Subli Competition is a fantastic opportunity for young horses to show what they have to offer. We are proud of the role we play in the development of young talent and look forward to a new season full of passion, performance and above all beautiful equestrian sport," said Remco Zuidam, product and sales manager at Subli.

Subli Horse Feeds support the campaign #ditdoingHorses

During Jumping Amsterdam last year, the campaign #this do horses launched by the Equestrian Sector Fund, with the aim of showing all of the Netherlands the unique bond between horse and man. Subli Horse Feeds fully supports this wonderful initiative. "Let's tell our story together. Stories of love, friendship, passion, pride, sport, togetherness, growth, perseverance, patience, fun and commitment," the campaign emphasizes. Subli is proud to be part of this movement that cherishes the special relationship between man and horse.

Subscribe to the Subli Competition

The overview of the selection competitions and the regulations can be found at the Subli Competition page. Here you will also find how registration for the various selection competitions works.