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Bart Veeze and Beni Pachl excel during semifinal Subli Competition

December 12, 2022

Only the best competitors from the previous nine selection competitions of the Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses were allowed to participate in the semi-finals on Saturday, December 10 in Harmelen. This select group was well ridden with Bart Veeze and Nero coming out on top in the four-year-olds class. The class for five-year-olds was won by Beni Pachl with Hexagons Miamanda.

In the four-year-olds, 15 horses were selected for the semi-finals and in the five-year-olds, 11 combinations came to the start of the semi-finals of the Subli Competition 2022. At stake was a ticket to the coveted final on January 26, 2023 during Jumping Amsterdam. Only five combinations per age division may compete in the RAI Amsterdam for the title in the Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses.


Bart Veeze entered the ring with Nero as second and immediately impressed the judges present Adriaan Hamoen and Floor Droge. Judge Adriaan Hamoen spoke full of praise for the winner: "The horse Nero possesses incredible quality. It all looks very natural and he goes through the arena with the greatest ease with his ears on. Nero is a horse with an awful lot of power. Especially his walk is a big plus and we rewarded it with a 9.5. He is also presented very professionally by Bart. This combination really makes us very happy."
Bart himself was also very happy with his performance. He says: "Nero gives me a very nice feeling. He runs the test very steady and nowhere does it get too difficult for him. That's really exceptional for a four-year-old. Our high score of 88 was a nice and nice confirmation of my good feeling about the test. I am very much looking forward to riding the final with him in Amsterdam. I very much hope that this edition may go ahead during Jumping Amsterdam. Because of all the coronagraphs it was always canceled at the last minute while I had good horses in previous editions. But I am confident that I can now ride Nero in the RAI. I'm sure it will be super fun!"
The judges were also very pleased with number 2 Femke de Laat with Nashville Sw. Adriaan: "The overall picture looked very good and the horse showed a lot of power in the trot. We would only have liked to see a little more activity in the walk."
Both Bart and Femke are their own reserve for the finals in Amsterdam. Femke finished fifth with her other horse Nox and Bart finished sixth with his second horse Nirvana (he also rode this horse during the award ceremony). Both are only allowed to start one horse in the final and have to choose who they will take to Amsterdam. That also means that number 7 Charissa Buurmeijer with No Limit will also be delegated to the final.


There were also neat scores in the class for five-year-old dressage horses. The results were certainly very close at the top of the standings, but it was Beni Pachl who made the difference with Hexagons Miamanda and finished on top. Judge Adriaan Hamoen was very satisfied with this combination: "Miamanda has three very correct gaits and was presented very correctly. The combination just missed a fraction of activity in the walk. The scores were very close because right behind, Renate van Uytert-van Vliet with My Blue Horse Santiano deservedly came second. That horse is really a powerhouse and can canter very well. There were just some small disturbances in the test and we would have liked a little more control in the test. But definitely a great horse with a lot of potential for the future."

Finalists Subli Competition Jan. 26, 2023

Only five combinations in each age division have a starting ticket up for the exciting final during Jumping Amsterdam. The following combinations will enter the dressage ring at the Amsterdam RAI on Jan. 26 for the title fight:

Finalists four-year-olds

  • Bart Veeze with Nero (Nirvana reserve)
  • Femke de Laat with Nashville Sw (Nox reserve)
  • Theo Hanzon with Nabuco Van Het Goorhof
  • Judith Ribbels with Nanny Mc Phee
  • Charissa Buurmeijer with No Limit

Finalists five-year-olds

  • Beni Pachl with Hexagons Miamanda
  • Renate van Uytert-van Vliet with My Blue Horse Santiano
  • Femke de Laat with Mission
  • Diederik van Silfhout with Galleria's Mister Maserati
  • Kim Alting with Madison Ave

Results semi-final Subli Competition 2022


  1. Bart Veeze, Nero (by Ferguson) - 88
  2. Femke de Laat, Nashville Sw (by Secret) - 83.8
  3. Theo Hanzon, Nabuco van het Goorhof (by Secret) - 83.6

Download the full list of all four-year-old horses in the semifinals here

Semi-final Subli Competition 2022 - Bart Veeze with Nirvana

Bart Veeze with Nirvana


  1. Beni Pachl, Hexagons Miamanda (by Toto jr) - 82
  2. Renate van Uytert-van Vliet, My Blue Horse Santiano (by Sezuan) - 81.6
  3. Femke de Laat, Mission (by Sezuan) - 81.4

Download the full list of all five-year-old horses in the semifinals here

Semi-final Subli Competition 2022 - Beni Pachl with Miamanda

Beni Pachl with Miamanda

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