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Subli Diet Mix - much more than a diet product

Subli Diet Mix in the stable

Subli Diet Mix is ideally suited to help overweight ponies (and, of course, horses) lose weight. This diet feed is low in sugar and starch because it contains no grains, grain products or molasses, but it does contain the oh-so-important vitamins. Subli Diet Mix was developed to help horses lose weight in a healthy way. However, what many people do not know: due to its special composition, it is Subli Diet Mix multi-purpose.

Any horse can become overweight

Thinking about obesity in horses, many horse lovers get one of those fat Shetland ponies in mind. But there are more breeds that easily become one size overweight; think Fjords, Haflingers, Tinkers, Friesians and Icelanders. These are "frugal" breeds that have efficient digestion and thus can get by on less nutrition. If you feed these horses like higher bloodstock, they become overweight faster. With these horses, conformation and disposition are partly to blame for the fact that they easily gain a few pounds, but many warmbloods are also a touch on the fat side these days. It seems like the image that owners or handlers have of an average horse's body condition is shifting a bit. If you look at how we keep horses today - we want to take the best care of them, keep them partially stabled and like to give them something tasty - it is fair to say that many horses are at risk of becoming overweight. In the winter when they are stabled a lot, but certainly also in the spring when the grass starts to grow. In any case, it is extremely unwise and even life-threatening to leave a horse on a pasture of fresh grass for too long. Build up grazing slowly and make sure that your horse cannot graze indefinitely.

How can you make a fat horse lose weight?

Simply giving less feed is not good for your horse, but it is also not always healthy. Especially horses and ponies that don't have to do much work don't need much energy, but they do need protein. Protein is necessary to build muscle. If a horse has too little protein in its ration, it will lose muscle mass. That is why it is, also if your horse needs to lose weight, important to give him good nutrition. With Subli Diet Mix, your horse can have that meal every day that makes him so happy, but he does not get too much energy and enough protein to maintain his muscles. Moreover, it contains vitamins; all horses and ponies need vitamins for a good resistance. So you can make an important contribution to a healthy weight of your horse by giving him good nutrition.

"Let food be your medicine"

"Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food." This statement by Hippocrates - the founder of modern medicine - has been a truth like a ... horse for some 2,500 years. Especially when you are sick, you need good nutrition, which can help you get back on your feet. This is just as true for horses as it is for humans. Osteoarthritis, for example, is an extremely painful and life-threatening condition that occurs regularly in, among others, that fat Shetlander we mentioned earlier in this story. But basically any horse can be affected by it. A major cause of laminitis is fructans; substances found in grass (and thus hay). Fructane-rich roughage can exacerbate the metabolic problems that can cause laminitis. Therefore, Subli Diet Mix - which contains hardly any sugar and starch - can provide valuable support for horses with laminitis.

Disease support

Subli Diet Mix can also be used in horses with, for example, muscle paralysis, insulin resistance, PPID (Cushing's disease) and EMS (Equine Metabolic Syndrome). EMS is a collective term for a number of diseases, including insulin resistance, obesity, fat deposits in specific locations and laminitis. We also see localized fat deposits, IR and laminitis in horses with PPID. Horses with EMS react more violently to protein. These horses need adequate protein intake, but not excess. Protein must also be of high quality. Alfalfa in Subli Diet Mix is an example of high-quality protein.

For horses with insulin resistance (and laminitis), it is important to avoid grains and concentrates. Subli Diet Mix does not contain grains and grain by-products. It is also recommended for these horses to limit grazing and feed coarse (stalky) hay. This limits any fructan intake and energy intake (in connection with obesity). Subli Diet Mix, as a high-fiber muesli, is a good addition to the coarse-stemmed hay for these horses.

What if your horse just needs to get fatter?

If a horse is too thin and needs to regain some weight, you can feed him with Subli Diet Mix. The proteins and vitamins in this diet feed provide healthy support for horses that could use a little extra help. A horse can be too thin because he is not getting enough feed, but also because of poor quality feed or a shortage of minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Poor teeth, worms and/or parasites may be another cause. Finally, the horse may consume more energy due to heavy labor, its age (young animals in growth) or the stage of life it is in (think of a lactating mare or a stallion at stud) than it can take in with its feed. Generally speaking, if a horse is sick, his body needs energy to recover. Then Subli Diet Mix can be a supplement to the ration. Because of the building blocks (amino acids from proteins) and minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Therefore, in addition to grazing, Subli Diet Mix would be a great fit for a horse that just needs to gain some weight.

Nutrition for horses with mandatory box rest

If you give a lean horse only Subli Diet Mix in addition to roughage, for example, there is a chance that he will lack some energy. But a horse that has to rest in the box with a tendon injury, for example, will certainly benefit from Dieetmix. Because this feed is low in energy, but does provide high-quality protein and contains enough vitamins, minerals and trace elements to support recovery. You don't want to feed such a horse too high in energy, because then - after several weeks of mandatory stall rest - he may find himself over the box wall.

Super-healthy sports ration

Do you have a horse that does a lot of work? To horses that are competing in sports or that can be taken out several times a week for a long ride under saddle or in front of a carriage, you can give Subli Diet Mix together with linseed oil or linseed meal. Subli Omega 369. This provides extra energy and so you put together a super healthy sports ration that gives your horse energy, protein and vitamins.

Want to know more or get customized nutritional advice?

Is your horse too fat or just too skinny? Are you looking for more information about Subli Diet Mix or any of our other products, or would you like to nutritional advice from one of our specialists? If so, please contact us without obligation at or call to 0317-499595.

Dates Subli Competition 2024 known

The Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses is about to start again. On Thursday, May 16, the first selection competition will be held at Manege de Prinsenstad in Delft. In this leading competition four- and five-year-old dressage horses can compete with their peers.

Eight selection matches

This season's competition consists of eight selection matches, both indoor and outdoor, followed by a semifinal and, of course, the grande finale during Jumping Amsterdam. All competitions take place at beautiful accommodations with high-quality sandy bottoms. The competition is open to horses of all studbooks.

Placement in the semifinals and finals

For placement in the semifinals, the two highest results from the selection competitions will be taken into account. The best fifteen horses per age category will then be invited to the semi-finals in December. The top five of these will qualify for the exciting final that is traditionally held during Jumping Amsterdam.

From talent to the top

The Subli Competition has produced many successful dressage horses over the years. The careers of many of these horses, including well-known names such as Arlando, Capri Sonne Jr., Johnny Depp and Sir Fashion have taken off after winning this competition. "The Subli Competition is a fantastic opportunity for young horses to show what they have to offer. We are proud of the role we play in the development of young talent and look forward to a new season full of passion, performance and above all beautiful equestrian sport," said Remco Zuidam, product and sales manager at Subli.

Subli Horse Feeds support the campaign #ditdoingHorses

During Jumping Amsterdam last year, the campaign #this do horses launched by the Equestrian Sector Fund, with the aim of showing all of the Netherlands the unique bond between horse and man. Subli Horse Feeds fully supports this wonderful initiative. "Let's tell our story together. Stories of love, friendship, passion, pride, sport, togetherness, growth, perseverance, patience, fun and commitment," the campaign emphasizes. Subli is proud to be part of this movement that cherishes the special relationship between man and horse.

Subscribe to the Subli Competition

The overview of the selection competitions and the regulations can be found at the Subli Competition page. Here you will also find how registration for the various selection competitions works.

Sand colic in horses

Grazing horse in bare pasture

Horse lovers know that colic is one of the biggest threats to the health of their horses and ponies. It comes in different forms, but especially in the fall and winter the danger of sand colic lurks around the corner. In this article, we offer insight into recognizing symptoms, acting on suspicions and preventive maactions you can take yourself.  

Colic suspicions? Call the vet

When colic is suspected, quick action is crucial. Contacting a veterinarian immediately is of utmost importance. Colic is often an acute problem and comes in various forms. Alonly a professional can make the correct diagnosis and take appropriate action. 

Different types of colic

There are different types of colic:

  • Colic: the intestines contract resulting in painful spasms.  
  • Gas colic: Normally, gas is discharged through the intestinal tract in the form of farts. When this fails, gas builds up in the gastrointestinal tract  
  • Sand colic: when a horse or pony eats too much sand, it accumulates in the intestinal system, which can cause sand colic.  
  • Congestive colic: constipation colic occurs when your horse's intestines are clogged. This often happens when a lot of straw is eaten or not enough is drunk.  
  • Torsion colic: this is a life-threatening condition in which the intestines twist, obstructing the blood supply.  

Although these forms each have their own symptoms, in this article we will focus specifically on sand colic, a common problem especially lurking in the fall and winter. 

Symptoms of sand colic

Colic is difficult to diagnose. Not all symptoms are equally obvious. Therefore, when in doubt, always consult a veterinarian. These are common symptoms of sand colic:  

  • Reduced appetite 
  • Frequent rolling 
  • Heavy breathing and increased heart rate 
  • Regular flank watching or belly kicking 
  • Fever and sweating  

Do you think your horse or pony has colic? If so, don't wait, call your veterinarian immediately and describe in detail the symptoms you observe.  

What you can do to prevent sand colic in horses

As you've read before, colic comes in different forms AND has different causes. That makes it difficult to predict. Still, we have some tips for you:  

  • Be sure to offer the roughage on a hard surface or from a feeder so that your horse cannot absorb sand while eating.  
  • Regular manure checking is a good practice to respond quickly to possible cases of sand colic. With sand colic, the manure may be sandy and watery. Changes in the frequency of manure production and the presence of small amounts of sand in the manure are also indicators. 
  • Subli Psyllium Slobber is a supplement for horses and ponies containing 23% psyllium seed, which stimulates sand removal in the intestines. In fact, when psyllium seed gets wet, it forms a gel that can take sand with it. Always feed Subli Psyllium Slobber diluted with water. You can always feed this supplement preventively for a short period of time. 
  • Horses may eat sand out of boredom or as a result of mineral deficiencies. The Mineralen Likemmer contains a complete blend of vitamins, minerals and trace elements for horses and ponies to support health and prevent deficiencies.  
  • Subli Mineralenbikkels are also a good option. These are 10 mm pellets with a concentrated, balanced amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. This ensures that your horse gets all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements it needs on a daily basis. 

Taking care of your horse optimally, we are happy to help. Ask for a custom feed advice to or contact our specialists directly at or 0317-499595. 

Two wins for Femke de Laat at the final of the Subli Competition

It was a top day for Femke de Laat yesterday at Jumping Amsterdam. She put down a great performance by winning both finals of the Subli Competition. In the four-year-olds she achieved a wonderful score of 89.240% with Oromance. In the five-year-olds, she won the final with the stallion Network with a score of 84.800%. With this they surpassed the competition by more than eleven percent.

Exciting competition among the four-year-olds

Annemijn Boogaard was hot on Femke de Laat's heels in the four-year-olds. With Oxxi Lena, she achieved a score of 89.040%. Dinja van Liere finished third with On Air and a score of 86.760%.

Podium places for Febe van Zwambagt and Kim Noordijk in the five-year-olds

Febe van Zwambagt captured second place in the five-year-olds with Newport, scoring 73.300%. Unfortunately, she did not remember the test and therefore rode it wrong, but despite that she still achieved second place. Kim Noordijk and This is Naqueen followed in third place with 72.600%.

Disappointment for Ribbels and Heijkoop

For Judith Ribbels and Danielle Heijkoop, the final did not go as hoped. Ribbels, only added to the start list last-minute, since Bart Veeze with Nero was out due to hoof ulcer, was ruled out because she rode the wrong test. In the five-year-olds, the FEI final test is prescribed but Ribbels assumed a free test, just as in the Subli Competition selections. Danielle Heijkoop saluted after she could not control the tension with the five-year-old stallion Nordic Blue Hors.

Final Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses 2023/2024

Results four-year-old dressage horses

  1. Femke de Laat - Oromance - 89.240%
  2. Annemijn Boogaard - Oxxi Lena - 89.040%
  3. Dinja van Liere - On Air - 86.760%
  4. Mercedes Verweij - Oliver R Tambo Sv - 84.280%
  5. Renate van Uytert - van Vliet - O'Toto Van De Wimphof - 82.880%

Winners Subli Competition Four-year-olds 2023/2024

Results of five-year-old dressage horses

  1. Femke de Laat - Network - 84.800%
  2. Febe van Zwambagt - Newport - 73.300%
  3. Kim Noordijk - This is Naqueen - 72.600%
  4. Judith Ribbels - Nanny Mc Phee - x
  5. Danielle Heijkoop - Nordic Blue Hors - x

Winners Subli Competition Five-year-olds 2023/2024

No Subli Competition final for Veeze and Nero, Ribbels and Nanny McPhee take over starting spot

Bart Veeze with Nero during the semifinals of Subli Competition 2023

Yesterday evening Bart Veeze announced that he has to cancel with Nero for the final of the Subli Competition during Jumping Amsterdam tonight. Nero, last year's winner and semi-finalist in December, is out of the running due to a nasty hoof ulcer. We are very sorry that Bart and Nero had to withdraw. We wish Nero a speedy recovery.

Starting spot to Judith Ribbels and Nanny Mc Phee

Bart Veeze and Nero's starting spot will be taken over by Judith Ribbels and her mare Nanny Mc Phee.

Start list final Subli Competition

At 7:20 p.m., the final of the Subli Competition will start with the four-year-old horses.

Finalists Subli Competition Final 2024

At 8:05 p.m., it's the turn of the five-year-old horses.

We wish all the finalists the best of luck! 

Is your horse or pony suffering from fireworks stress?

New Year's Eve is coming up again and that means fireworks. We understand that this can be a challenge if it makes your horse or pony very restless. We have some tips to make sure your horse or pony gallops into the New Year calm and healthy:

Try to stick to the daily routine

Horses are creatures of habit. Make sure to avoid confronting fireworks, but try to stick to the daily routine as much as possible. So give your horse his daily exercise if there is room for it. Your horse may actually become restless if things go differently than normal.

Leave the radio and lights on at the barn

When your horse or pony is stabled, it may be smart to leave the radio on. This may be quite a bit louder than usual. This provides background noise, making the fireworks less noticeable. Be aware that horses have sharper hearing than ourselves, so very loud music is definitely not pleasant for horses and ponies. In addition, it is smart to leave the lights on in the stable. Flashes of light are therefore less visible.

Provide adequate roughage around the turn of the year

Food is distracting. So give your horse or pony plenty of roughage around 12:30. Then your horse will have something to nibble on. This provides distraction and rest.

Stay calm yourself as well

Try to ignore the bangs yourself and stay calm. If you exude calmness and act as if nothing is wrong, this will have a positive influence on your horse.

Extreme fear of fireworks

If you know from other years that your horse experiences really severe anxiety around New Year's Eve, contact your veterinarian.

Here's to a beautiful 2024!

The specialists from Subli wish you and your horse a happy and most importantly safe New Year. Here's to a beautiful 2024!

Annemijn Boogaard and Bart Veeze shine during semifinal Subli Competition

On Saturday, December 9, after eight selection competitions, it was time for the semi-finals of the Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses. Only the best combinations had a starting ticket for this semi-final in Harmelen. There was good competition with high scores at the top of the standings. In the four-year-old class Annemijn Boogaard rode a very strong preseason with Oxxi Lena and also during the semi-finals they performed strongly by convincingly taking the win. The class for five-year-olds was won by last year's four-year-old winner Bart Veeze with Nero.

In the four-year-olds, 12 horses were selected for the semi-finals and in the five-year-olds, 16 combinations competed. At stake was a ticket to the coveted final on January 25, 2024 during Jumping Amsterdam. Only five combinations per age group may compete in the impressive arena of RAI Amsterdam for the title in the Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses.

Judges very impressed with four-year-old Oxxi Lena

Judges Adriaan Hamoen and Patricia Wolters were very impressed with the four-year-old Oxxi Lena presented by Annemijn Boogaard. Therefore, there was no doubt that this combination was going to win the class. Judge Adriaan Hamoen explained: "First of all, it is a very quality horse with three very fine good gaits. But the deciding factor was really the way Oxxi Lena was presented. So honest, flowing, nice off the hand and obvious; very nice to watch. Annemijn made everything look very easy and that really is an art. Compliments for that." The judges were also very pleased with number two Renate van Uytert with O'Toto Van De Wimphof. Adriaan: "This is a very big-framed horse with a lot of quality. He could only have been ridden a little more from the hand for even higher marks." Completing the podium was Mercedes Verweij and Oliver R Tambo Sv in third place.

Annemijn Boogaard with Oxxi Lena during the semifinals of Subli Competition 2023

Annemijn Boogaard with Oxxi Lena during the semifinals of the Subli Competition 2023

Exciting battle in five-year-old dressage class with Bart Veeze and Nero winning

There were also nice scores in the class for five-year-old dressage horses. Bart Veeze already won the final with Nero at the beginning of this year during Jumping Amsterdam in the four-year-olds and also this year in the five-year-olds the combination managed to leave a strong impression with the judges. Adriaan Hamoen says: "The top three in this class were certainly evenly matched. The scores were close together. However, Bart Veeze's Nero just stood out for us. The highlight of this horse is definitely the walk for which we scored a 9.5. But he also has a great canter, with lots of jump and ease. Kim Noordijk came second just behind with This is Naqueen. This big-framed horse has three good gaits and was presented super correct. But sometimes we also saw some moments of tension. This is a combination we can still expect a lot from." Third and fourth place went to Femke de Laat with Network and Nashville Sw, respectively. Thanks to her good performance in the semifinals, Femke is her own reserve for the final in Amsterdam. The rider is only allowed to start one horse in the final and therefore has to choose who she takes to Amsterdam. That means that number 6 Febe van Zwambagt with Newport will also be delegated to the final.

Bart Veeze with Nero during the semifinals of Subli Competition 2023

Bart Veeze with Nero during the semifinals of the Subli Competition 2023


Only five combinations per age division may compete for the win during the exciting final at Jumping Amsterdam. The following combinations will enter the dressage ring at the Amsterdam RAI on Jan. 25, 2024, for the title fight:


  1. Bart Veeze with Nero
  2. Kim Noordijk with This is Naqueen
  3. Femke de Laat with Network (Nashville Sw reserve)
  4. Danielle Heijkoop with Nordic Bleu Horse
  5. Febe van Zwambagt with Newport.


  1. Annemijn Boogaard with Oxxi Lena
  2. Renate van Uytert-van Vliet with O'Toto Van De Wimphof
  3. Mercedes Verweij with Oliver R Tambo Sv
  4. Dinja van Liere with On Air
  5. Femke de Laat with Oromance

Results semi-final Subli Competition Harmelen December 9, 2023


  1. Annemijn Boogaard, Oxxi Lena (by Secret) - 87
  2. Renate van Uytert-van Vliet, O'Toto Van De Wimphof (by Toto jr.) - 83.4
  3. Mercedes Verweij, Oliver R Tambo Sv (by Just Wimphof) - 81.6

Download the full list of all four-year-old horses in the semifinals here.


  1. Bart Veeze, Nero (by Ferguson) - 84.2
  2. Kim Noordijk, This is Naqueen (by Trafalgar) - 82
  3. Femke de Laat, Network (by Just Wimphof) - 79.6

Download the full list of all five-year-old horses in the semifinals here.

For more information on the Subli Competition, visit the Subli Competition page. All those invited to the final during Jumping Amsterdam: congratulations!

Start lists semi-final Subli Competition known

During 8 different Subli Competition competitions participants could collect points for a ticket to the semifinals on Dec. 9, 2023. This Saturday is finally the day! This year the semi-final will take place at Hippisch Centrum Harmelen. At the four-year-olds there will be 12 horses at the start and at the five-year-olds there will be 16 horses competing for one of the coveted spots for the final on January 25, 2024 during Jumping Amsterdam. In this article, you can see the final start lists and we have once again listed the most important details about the semifinals for you. So read on quickly.

Location semi-final Subli Competition

Equestrian Center Harmelen
Groenendaal 1c
3481 CT Harmelen


  • 09:30 to 09:50 a.m.: track reconnaissance
  • 10 a.m. to 11:04 a.m.: semifinal four-year-olds
  • 11:00 to 11:19 a.m.: break - opportunity to explore track
  • 11:19 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.: continued semifinal four-year-olds
  • 12:15 to 12:30 p.m.: track reconnaissance
  • 12:30 to 12:40 p.m.: track dragging
  • 12:40 p.m.: prize-giving ceremony for four-year-olds on horseback 
  • 1 p.m. to 2:04 p.m.: semifinal five-year-olds
  • 2:04 to 2:19 p.m.: break - opportunity to explore track
  • 2:19 to 3:23 p.m.: continued semifinal five-year-olds
  • 4 p.m.: prize-giving ceremony for five-year-olds on horseback

Start list semifinal four-year-olds Subli Competition

Ring 1
Trial 50A
Jury at C: Adriaan Hamoen & Patricia Wolters

Final start list semifinal subli competition


Start list semifinal five-year-olds Subli Competition

Ring 1
Trial 51A
Jury at C: Adriaan Hamoen & Patricia Wolters

Final start list semifinal Subli Competition

Good to know

  • Entry fee is €15.00. This must be appropriate paid in cash at the secretariat.
  • Riding with bridle number is mandatory and must be visible on both sides. The bridle number is listed on the start list.
  • The number of combinations to be sent to the final during Jumping Amsterdam: 5 for the four-year-olds and 5 for the five-year-olds.
  • There are no stalls available at Hippisch Centrum Harmelen.
  • There is no opportunity to lunge horses prior to unleashing.
  • Unleashing can only be done in the small indoor hall.

We wish all participants the best of luck during the semifinals of the Subli Competition next Saturday. If you have any questions about the semifinals, please contact us at

Femke de Laat and Danielle Heijkoop win final selection Subli Competition

On Saturday, November 11, the last selection competition of this season of the Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses was held in Berkel-Enschot. The results were very close in both classes. The class for four year olds was won by Femke de Laat with Oromance. In the class for five-year-olds the victory went again to Danielle Heijkoop with Nordic Blue Hors. This combination already won the qualifier of Tolbert.

Lots of competition in the section for four-year-olds

The class for four-year-olds had a large field of participants with 19 combinations. The horses and their riders were judged by judges Karin Retera and Janine van Twist who were very pleased with the quality of the participants. Janine explains: "A large group also means a lot of competition and this made for a wide leading group in the final results. We saw many good combinations pass by and fine young horses that were presented nicely. Femke de Laat's winning horse Oromance showed a lot of balance in the trot and a fine workable walk. Trial technique was top notch. This horse is definitely on the right track for a bright future. And also very important; he was presented very friendly and nicely by his rider Femke. Nice on his own legs and with a nice touch. Second place went to Annemijn Boogaard with Oxxi Lena. This horse has three fine gaits and scored very high in the walk. Renate van Uytert-van Vliet finished third with O'Toto Van De Wimphof. This horse has a correct walk and canter but excels especially in the trot. He received a 9 for that."

Nordic Blue Hors and Night Watch shine in the section for five-year-olds

In the class for five-year-olds, judges Mathie Boomaars and Jeanette Wolfs-Dielissen were also very satisfied with the group of riders they were allowed to judge. Jeannette says: "We have seen a nice group of horses in the ring, the quality was very high. There was also good riding by the riders, most horses were presented very nicely. Some horses were still a bit spooky, but that is not so strange for those young horses in such a competition environment. Nordic Blue Hors of Danielle Heijkoop is a very fine and sturdy horse with a strong hind leg. He was really the winner for us. He excelled in his walk and got a 9 for that. With this rider we see a good future for this talented horse. Right behind, Beni Pachl finished second with Nachtwacht. This combination stood out because of the way it was presented, very light on the hand. There was definitely a fine harmony. Nachtwacht is also a very complete horse and showed a fine relaxed test."

Balance for the semifinals

After this last selection competition in Berkel-Enschot the balance can be drawn. Only the best fifteen combinations of this season will receive an invitation to the semi-final on December 9 in Harmelen. During this semi-final only the best five combinations can conquer a starting ticket for the exciting final which will be held again this season on January 25, 2024 during the unique equestrian event. Jumping Amsterdam.

Results Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses Berkel Enschot Nov. 11


1 Femke de Laat, Oromance (For Romance) - 82
2 Annemijn Boogaard, Oxxi_Lena (Secret) - 80
3 Renate van Uytert-van Vliet, O'Toto Van De Wimphof (by Toto jr.) - 79.6

Subli Competition four-year-olds Berkel Enschot

Winners four-year-olds - photo by


1 Danielle Heijkoop, Nordic Blue Hors (by Totilas) - 80.8
2 Beni Pachl, Night Watch (by Everdale) - 80.4
3 Christel Heuseveldt, No Secret (v.Secret) - 79

Subli Competition five-year-olds Berkel Enschot

Winners five-year-olds - photo by

The semi-final of the Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses will take place on December 9 in Harmelen. So quickly check the overview of all those selected and the final score on the Subli Competition page. All those invited to the semifinals, congratulations!

Two wins for Bart Veeze at the second-to-last Subli Competition in Varsseveld

On Friday, October 6, the second-to-last selection competition of the Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses competed. This was one of the last opportunities for riders to collect the necessary points towards the semi-finals. Bart Veeze did good business in both the class for four-year-old and five-year-old dressage horses, winning both classes.

Podium places for Bart Veeze, Milou Drees and Dinja van Liere at four-year-olds

In the class for four-year-olds, 19 participants came to the start. The combinations were judged by judges Monica Drohm and Ineke Jansen who put high points at the top of the standings. By a wide margin the victory went to Bart Veeze with his stallion Entertainer Number One. He impressed with the four-year-old chestnut and scored a total of 86.6 points. Second place went to Milou Drees with her bay gelding SPH Splendid with a score of 81.4. Completing the podium was Dinja van Liere who rode her stallion On Air to a total of 79 points.

Bart Veeze, Judith Ribbels and Beni Pachl in prizes in five-year-olds section

In the class for five-year-old dressage horses, 15 combinations competed. They were judged in the ring by judges Bettine van Harselaar and Ellen van den Berg. The highest score of the day and the win was again for Bart Veeze who had saddled Nero for this class. With an overwhelming score of 89.6 he won his second qualifier with the five year old Ferguson gelding and can not escape participation in the semi-finals in Harmelen. Judith Ribbels also performed very well again with her mare Nanny Mc Phee and took second place with a score of 83.4. Beni Pachl received 82.4 points for his test with Nachtwacht and finished third.

Only one selection race to go

With only one selection competition left on the program this season, this is a good time to take stock of the standings. The last chance for riders to select for the semi-finals is the league competition on November 11 in Berkel Enschot. After this competition the best fifteen combinations will receive an invitation to the semi-final which will be held in Harmelen in mid-December. During this semi-final only the best five combinations can win a starting ticket for the exciting final which will be held again this season on January 25, 2024 during the unique equestrian event Jumping Amsterdam.

Who are the biggest contenders for a spot in the semifinals?

In the four-year-olds, three combinations are invariably in the lead with all three scoring 35 points: Aniek de Laat with Oostrade, Dinja van Liere with On Air and Mercedes Verweij with Oliver R Tambo SV. Further down in the standings it is getting a lot more exciting and there are still several combinations that have a chance for a starting ticket for the semi-finals.
In the class for five-year-old dressage horses, there are currently two combinations convincingly in the lead: Bart Veeze with Nero and Febe van Zwambagt with Newport. Both combinations already have two victories to their name this season. Also for the class for four-year-olds, halfway through the standings anything can still happen. Which combinations may eventually compete for a coveted final ticket in Harmelen, depends on the results of the last selection round in Berkel Enschot.

Results Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses Varsseveld October 6, 2023


1 Bart Veeze, Entertainer Number One (by Escamillo) - 86.6
2 Milou Dees, SPH Splendid (by Sir Donnerhall) - 81.4
3 Dinja van Liere, On Air (by Fontaine) - 79

Winners four-year-olds Subli Competition Varsseveld

Winners four-year-olds Subli Competition Varsseveld


1 Bart Veeze, Nero (by Ferguson) - 89.6
2 Judith Ribbels, Nanny Mc Phee (by Vitalis (Capriool)) - 83,4
3 Beni Pachl, Night Watch (by Everdale) - 82.4

Winners five-year-olds Subli Competition Varsseveld

Winners five-year-olds Subli Competition Varsseveld

The final selection competition of the Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses will take place on November 11 in Berkel Enschot. For a complete overview of the intermediate rankings and more information please visit the Subli Competition page.

Subli at Horse Event 2023

Subli Stand Horse Event Youth

This year Subli was also present at Horse Event. We can look back on a successful event: two weekends full of great meetings and enthusiastic conversations. The first weekend, Horse Event Youth, was quite intense due to the extremely high temperatures. This weekend also started extra early: to avoid the hot midday sun, the program was brought forward two hours! Fortunately, this did not stop you and we welcomed many visitors to the booth.

Meet & Greet with our ambassador Kristy Snepvangers

The first day of Horse Event started off right away, because at 09:15 our ambassador Kristy Snepvangers joined us at the booth for a meet & greet session. Visitors could take a picture with Kristy, ask for her autograph and get the answer to the question they always wanted to ask Kristy. Of course her loyal mascot Sneppie was there too!

Kristy Snepvangers and Sneppie in Subli booth at Horse Event Youth

Successful exhibition action during Horse Event

During both weekends of Horse Event 2023, visitors could participate in our exhibition promotion. It was simple: everyone who signed up for the Subli newsletter at Horse Event had a chance to win a lesson from Kristy Snepvangers or a cool goodie from Kristy's fan shop. This fair promotion turned out to be a great success: you participated in large numbers. The winners have now been announced:

  • The first prize, Kristy Snepvangers' lesson, was won by Tara Wissink from Zetten.
  • The second prize, The Jacket All About Kristy, was won by Cloë Priester of Zevenaar.
  •  Third prize, the Performance Shirt, was won by Sophie Singeling from Egmond a/d Hoef.

We are now in contact with all the winners. Congratulations on your wonderful prizes!

Meet & Greet Kristy Snepvangers

Thanks to you, Horse Event 2023 was a great success and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Stay up to date with our latest news, giveaways and events by signing up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

Mercedes Verweij and Danielle Heijkoop win Subli Competition Tolbert

Last Sunday, September 3, another competition of the Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses took place. A large group of participants had traveled to the HJC Manege in Tolbert, Groningen to give their best with their young horses. In the four-year-old class it was an exciting denouement and Mercedes Verweij with Oliver R Tambo Sv narrowly won. The class for five-year-olds was convincingly won by Danielle Heijkoop with Nordic Blue Hors.

Wonderful scores for amazons Mercedes Verweij and Marije de Lange

The class for four-year-old dressage horses had as many as 26 participants. The riders were judged by judges Dirk de Haas and Hendrik van Esch who were very impressed with the head of the class. Judge Dirk de Haas says, "We were pleasantly surprised by the tests shown and saw many good quality horses in the ring. Especially the top six we enjoyed enormously and rewarded them with high points. But the numbers one Mercedes Verweij with Oliver R Tambo Sv and two Marije de Lange with Ohjay really stood out. The difference between the two horses was very small. They were both presented nicely by their riders. Mercedes' score of 84.4 for Oliver R Tambo Sv could have been even higher because she forgot to show the neck stretching part of the test. However, her horse was presented very nicely closed for a four-year-old and showed a fine harmonious image, so her lead over Marije was just big enough to still win the class. But both horses have a lot of quality with potential for the future."

Winners four-year-olds Subli Competition Tolbert

Winners four-year-olds Subli Competition Tolbert

Subtop Dressage Multiday is great preparation for semifinals and finals

Judge Dirk continued: "The arena in which the participants had to ride the test proved very exciting for some of the horses. You could notice that they were not yet used to such an entourage. In view of the semi-finals and finals, this competition was therefore a nice preparation. Furthermore, there were several combinations who, in our opinion, had not arranged their test very logically. As judges we would like to give participants the opportunity to think about logical lines of the exercises in the test. Do not make it too difficult for your four-year-old horse. By riding too difficult lines a mistake in the bridle or tact is easily made and that is a shame and not really necessary. So don't make it too difficult for your horse and yourself and choose simple and logical lines that you can perform neatly and correctly."

Highest score for Danielle Heijkoop with her five-year-old stallion Nordic Blue Hors

In the class for five-year-old dressage horses, 17 combinations competed. The participants were judged by judges Jacques van der Harst and Paula Osterholt. The highest score in this class was for Danielle Heijkoop with her stallion Nordic Blue Hors who took the win convincingly with 81.6 points. Second place went to Judith Ribbels with her mare Nanny Mc Phee with 77.4 points. The podium was completed by Christel Heuseveldt with No Secret in third place.

Winners five-year-olds Subli Competition Tolbert

Winners five-year-olds Subli Competition Tolbert

Results Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses Tolbert September 3, 2023


1 Mercedes Verweij, Oliver R Tambo Sv (by Just Wimphof) - 84.4
2 Marije De Lange, Ohjay - 83.6
3 Jos Hogendoorn, Obama Dvb (by Totilas) - 81


1 Danielle Heijkoop, Nordic Blue Hors (by Totilas) - 81.6
2 Judith Ribbels, Nanny Mc Phee (by Vitalis (Capriool)) - 77,4
3 Christel Heuseveldt, No Secret (v.Secret) - 74.6

The next selection competition of the Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses will take place on Friday, October 6, in Varsseveld. Look for the complete agenda and more information on the Subli Competition page.