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Subli Smikkels have been renewed!

October 15, 2021

Our familiar and super tasty horse snacks have been renewed. Subli Smikkels are not only in a new look, but also the taste and composition have been improved. There are four flavors available: Natural, Herbs, Apple & Carrot and Grain-Free.

Smikkels now even tastier and healthier

Subli's healthy horse treats have been improved in composition and taste. The sugar and starch content has been brought down. But that doesn't mean the Treats are any less tasty! The flavors have been improved by the addition of even more ingredients.

What's New?

1.5 kg resealable container

Subli Smikkels have received a metamorphosis. The Smikkels are now in a handy 1.5 kg bag. So it fits easily in the (back) bag. Thanks to the resealable strip, you can store the Smikkels after opening and keep them fresh for a long time without clips or rubber bands. Is the bag empty? Then the bag can be put in the PMD waste so that the material can be recycled.

Four flavors

Tasty and simple. The flavor natural is a classic among the Smikkels.

Apple & Carrot

This fresh flavor Smikkels contains real apple and carrot. Deliciously pure nature.


This unique Smikkel contains fenugreek and garlic. The spicy fragrance makes this one of the favorites of many horses and ponies.


Is your horse sensitive to grains? Then you can choose the grain-free variety. In addition, it contains an even lower sugar and starch content than the other flavors.

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