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Subli Competition 2024 kicked off with superb performance in Delft

May 21, 2024

Thursday, May 16, at Manege De Prinsenstad in Delft the new season of the Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses started again. Immediately high scores were recorded in both the four-year-old and five-year-old dressage horses. In the five-year-olds Charlotte Fry saddled the horse Secret Lover with which she rode a top score of 92.20% and easily took the victory. In the four-year-olds, Bart Veeze rode very strongly with Roman Empire who won the class with a score of 86.60%.

Jury enthusiastic about talented combinations in Delft

The participants were judged in Delft by judges Patrick Berends and Bettine van Harselaar who were very enthusiastic about the combinations in the arena. "We have seen some fan-tas-tic horses in Delft, really enjoying it! What a lot of talented horses we have in the Netherlands," said Patrick Berends. He continued: "Roman Empire from Bart Veeze was really the best for us in the four-year-olds category. This horse is already incredibly well confirmed for his age. He has a beautiful self-carriage and shows a lot of ability to switch gears. But the highlight of the test was definitely the canter. Number two, Robert-Jan de Visser's Puma TC, also showed a lot of potential as a sport horse. Loose in body, lots of power and three very good gaits. In the finishing this combination still needs some improvement. Finally, Alvaro Rodriquez Siscar, with Patheon in third place. A very fine appealing horse with a nice self-carriage that also showed good workmanship."

Bart Veeze - Roman Empire during Subli Competition Delft

Bart Veeze with Roman Empire

High scores in the five-year-old dressage horses

For the winner of the five-year-olds' class, Charlotte Fry with Secret Lover, judge Patrick Berends was almost short of superlatives. "What a great test that was! As judges, we were really on the edge of our seats enjoying ourselves. I haven't often given such a high score of 92.20% in my career, but this was really good! This horse has three great gaits, with an 8.5 for the walk, a 9.5 for the canter and even a 10 for the trot. This trot had everything we want to see in a five-year-old horse. It was all right; the tact, the rhythm, the regularity. Just a well-deserved 10! But also the horse Extreme U.S of Renate van Uytert-van Vliet who finished second showed three very good gaits. Absolutely a very talented stallion with a lot of power and expression. A real powerhouse with a 9.5 for the trot and a 9 for the canter. The finishing could have been a little neater here and there, so there is some room for improvement there for next time. Then in third place again Charlotte Fry, this time with O'Frederic. Again very neatly and professionally presented by Charlotte. For the way of riding and the effect of the aids she managed to score very high with both horses. We also enjoyed the horse O'Frederic. What a great horse with a beautiful self carriage and beautiful length. In short, as judges we enjoyed some very talented horses in two great classes. A successful start to a new season of the Subli Competition."

Charlotte Fry - Secret Lover times Subli Competition Delft

Charlotte Fry with Secret Lover

Results Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses Delft May 16, 2024


  1. Bart Veeze, Roman Empire (by Romanov), 86.60%
  2. Robert-Jan De Visser, Puma TC (by Liverpool) 84.80%
  3. Alvaro Rodriquez Siscar, Patheon (v. Hermès) 82.20%


  1. Charlotte Fry, Secret Lover (v. Secret) 92.20%
  2. Renate van Uytert-van Vliet, Extreme U.S (by Escamillo) 87.40%
  3. Charlotte Fry, O'Frederic (by For Romance) 87.00%

The next selection competition of the Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses will take place on June 23 in Aerdenhout. Look for the complete agenda and more information on the Subli Competition page.