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Nutrition tips for older horses

November 10, 2022

Feeding senior horses properly is quite a challenge. For example, you may give your senior too much feed, feed incorrectly or be too late to give extra feed. On top of that, older horses don't get nutrients from their feed as well. The specialists at Subli Horse Feeds have some tips.

1. Roughage is the basis of the ration also for your oldster

Chewing on roughage is a natural need of a horse. Make sure you make plenty of roughage available at all times. Even if your senior has fewer molars. This is because it ensures healthy intestinal function. Give soft and fine roughage, as this requires less chewing activity and will therefore be more digestible.

2. Extra need for vitamins and minerals

The need for vitamins and minerals is extra high in older horses because they can no longer make and absorb everything properly themselves. Therefore, it is good to provide these through the diet.

3. Pay attention to energy value and digestible protein

Older horses have a harder time keeping themselves warm, so supplementing energy is especially important in the winter. Moreover, for the maintenance of muscles and tissue, it is important that your senior gets proteins that are extra easily digestible. So keep this in mind when choosing your "oldie's" feed.

Senior feed for your old horse

Subli Seniores Priores is specially developed for horses and ponies that have problems with the feed intake of horse feeds such as hay, silage, chunks, grains and mueslis. These problems are often caused by dental problems.
- Forage and concentrate replacement
- For old horses with dental problems
- To be fed only soaked

Subli Omnia is a muesli packed with structure and fiber that can support the intestinal function of horses and ponies. Its unique composition with timothy, alfalfa, spelt flakes and chicory makes it extra high in structure and fiber.
- Additional prebiotic fiber from chicory
- Low sugar and starch content
- For extra chewing activity and longer eating time

Personalized nutritional advice?

Whether you have a question about our senior feeds or want specific feeding advice, the team at Subli is happy to help. Just fill out the contact form in or contact us by phone at 0317-499595