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Horse feed advice for late summer and fall

September 14, 2022

In late summer and fall, the quality of the grass becomes lower. Often even to the point that you already have to supplement your horse with both roughage and concentrate feed. Every horse is different, of course, which is why there are different types of feeds. Depending on the breed, size, work, sex, age of the horse and the type of roughage you already feed, you choose the corresponding concentrate feed.

For frugal breeds and sugar-sensitive horses, you can choose the Subli Pony Chunk+ or Subli Diet Mix. For recreational horse ponies, the Subli Basic Broth or Subli Basic Muesli suffice. For older horses, horses with dental problems or horses that you want a bit fuller is the Subli Seniores Priores an extremely suitable product at this time of year.

Foals weaning

This falls around the same time of year (late summer and fall). Extra attention to nutrition is important in these young animals to prevent weaning dip. Unlimited easily digestible roughage (less coarse-stemmed ) and 2 to 3 kg of foal pellets for a foal of a large horse. For a pony foal, you can adjust this down. Start giving the pellet before weaning so they are already somewhat accustomed to this.

More common problems around autumn

Sand eating, acorns, fruit, beechnut eating and shedding can also cause some problems.

Horses & sand eating

Reduced grass growth increases the risk of sand ingestion and this can cause problems in the gastrointestinal tract. It may therefore be wise to give your horse or pony a psyllium loaf cure. This is often made from the husks of fleawort, and it ensures that any accumulated sand is removed.

Eating acorns, fruits and beechnuts

Acorns, beechnuts and fruit also fall from the trees again and if horses eat too much of these they can get sick (intestinal inflammation, diarrhea and colic). Should you have these trees in the pasture, provide plenty of roughage so they have plenty of distractions and, if necessary, cordon off the trees so the horses cannot get too close.

Horse & shedding

Adequate nutrients are needed for proper shedding because it requires energy from your horse. Vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fatty acids and proteins are important components here. You can supplement this with roughage and concentrate because of the lower quality of grass.

A number of articles from Subli are perfect for this purpose:
Subli Omega 369 mix
Subli Pony Chunk+
Subli Mare Broth