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Femke de Laat and Renate van Uytert win Subli Competition Delft

June 1, 2023

The new season of the Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses began on May 30 at Equestrian Center The Prinsenstad in Delft got off to an energetic start. The competition for four- and five-year-old dressage horses had a nice field of competitors with some standouts at the top of the standings. Among the four-year-olds, Renate van Uytert-van Vliet was the best with O'Toto Van De Wimphof. The class for five-year-olds was won with great power by Femke de Laat and Nashville Sw.

The participants were judged in Delft in front of judges Patrick Berends and Bettine van Harselaar who were already able to give high points to the combinations this first competition. They were very impressed with the level of the participating combinations. Patrick says: "We have seen many fine horses that were certainly presented very friendly and harmoniously by the top of the ranking. Really a pleasure to watch as a judge."

23 combinations in the four-year-olds

No fewer than 23 combinations participated in the class for four-year-old dressage horses. The experienced rider Renate van Uytert-van Vliet had saddled this afternoon the four-year-old O'Toto Van De Wimphof, who was very much appreciated by the judges. O'Toto Van De Wimphof was presented very nicely by Renate which earned her a nice score of 84.80 and first place. "O'Toto Van De Wimphof is a great horse with absolutely amazing gaits. Especially on the trot he scored very high. So nice off the ground and so much connection for a four-year-old horse, fantastic. We also enjoyed watching Mara de Vries' Osibisa. This horse could only develop a little more power in canter, but we certainly see a lot of potential," said judge Patrick Berends.

Renate van Uytert-van Vliet with O'Toto Van De Wimphof

Renate van Uytert-van Vliet with O'Toto Van De Wimphof

Two podium finishes for Femke de Laat in the five-year-olds

The class for five-year-olds was led by a large margin by Femke de Laat with Nashville Sw. This combination has the necessary experience in the Subli Competition and shows to be in top form this season. Last year at Jumping Amsterdan Nashville Sw finished second in the final of the Subli Competition in the four-year-old division under Femke. This year they continued their strong performance in the five-year-olds. With a mega score of no less than 90.20 they immediately set the tone at the beginning of this competition. Besides Nashville Sw, Femke rode another horse in the class for five-year-olds. With Networks Ds she also showed a very solid test which was rewarded with a score of 80,80 and was good for third place. Femke looks back on the start of this competition with great satisfaction: "Both horses did really well. I noticed that Nashville has improved a lot the last few weeks. During the salute in the test I had the feeling that we could easily achieve a score of 90. The fact that we even beat that is fantastic. I am still amazed by his qualities and the feeling he gives me. He really is a complete horse with a great work ethic who will do anything for you. But Networks has also developed tremendously recently and I am very satisfied with it." Judge Patrick Berend also has nothing but praise for Nashville: "The qualities of this horse cannot really be described with words, you can only enjoy that. So much power and jump in the canter, really incredible. That promises something for the future." Completing the podium was Thalia Rockx who rode her horse Naomyi De La Fazenda to a nice score of 81.40, good for second place.

Femke de Laat with Nashville Sw

Femke de Laat with Nashville Sw

Results Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses Delft May 30, 2023


  1. Renate van Uytert- van Vliet, O'Toto Van De Wimphof (by Toto jr) - 84.80
  2. Mara de Vries, Osibisa (by Kardam's Whisper) - 79.20
  3. Aniek de Laat, Oostrade (v.Vitalis) - 79.00


  1. Femke de Laat, Nashville Sw (by Secret) - 90.20
  2. Thalia Rockx, Naomyi De La Fazenda (by Secret) - 81.40
  3. Femke de Laat, Networks Ds (Just Wimphof) - 80.80

The next selection competition of the Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses will take place on June 25 in Exloo. Look for the complete agenda and more information on the Subli Competition page.