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Femke de Laat and Renate van Uytert-van Vliet strong in Subli Competition Delft

June 16, 2022

On Tuesday, June 14, the third competition of the Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses was held. The competitors were well matched and high scores were given by the judges. In the class for four-year-olds Femke de Laat dominated the top of the ranking and finished on top with Nashville. In the class for five-year-old dressage horses, Renate van Uytert-van Vliet was the best with My Blue Horse Santiano.

Everything was arranged to perfection at the beautiful accommodation of Manege De Prinsenstad in Delft, for both horses, riders and judges. Judges Mattie Boomaars and Marie-Louise Moerings look back on a great day with beautiful sports and strongly performing horses. Marie-Louise Moerings enthusiastically says: "We really enjoyed this day. The level of presentation was very high and we were very impressed with the quality of all the young horses in the ring. Really great to see. The Subli Competition is a pleasure to watch in terms of well-being, sportsmanship and horse-friendliness. The horses are nicely ridden loose, on their own legs, through the body and towards the hand. Without pressure and in a natural way that suits a young horse. That's how we like to see it. You notice that riders also become more and more aware of their own riding and look carefully at the right way to train a young horse. The horses we have seen in Delft almost all have a lot of future potential. Certainly of the horses at the top of the standings in both classes we are going to hear a lot more from them."

Marie-Louise continued: "I also want to give compliments to the organization in Delft because everything was top-notch. Manege De Prinsenstad is a big accommodation but there was a kind of calmness for those young horses, very nice. I think all the horses went back home this competition with a positive experience."


"Femke de Laat is absolutely a textbook example for training young horses and again in Delft she presented the two four-year-olds Nashville and Nox nicely. They are very different horses but both have a lot of quality. What I like about these horses is that they have a nice open connection. One has a bit more carrying power and the other runs a bit more through the body, but actually the differences between them are very small. We are definitely going to hear more from these horses."

Femke de Laat with Nashville


"In the class for five-year-olds, the top three did little for each other with all high scores above 82%. My Blue Horse Santiano, ridden by Renate van Uytert-van Vliet, was very well presented and showed a lot of power. Uphill he stayed nicely balanced and besides that he also showed to be able to close very well. Truly a horse with a lot of potential. Hexagon's Gorgeous Black Art and Beni Pach's Miamanda were very different horses and slightly more finely built. But both were ridden very harmoniously by Beni, with a lot of shifting ability and rideability. Also very nice to see."

Renate van Uytert van Vliet with My Blue Horse Santiano

Results Subli Competition Young Dressage Horses June 14 Delft


1. Femke de Laat - Nashville (by Secret), 83.80
2. Femke de Laat - Nox (by Furst Romancier), 83.80
3. Wendy Kuiken - Nick Wimphof (by Just Wimphof), 82.80


1. Renate van Uytert-van Vliet- My Blue Horse Santiano (by Sezuan), 83.80
2. Beni Pachl - Hexagons Gorgeous Black Art (by Toto jr), 83.40
3. Beni Pachl - Miamanda (by Toto jr), 82.6

The next competition of the Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses will be held on June 26 in Exloo. View the full calendar of the Subli Competition.