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Femke de Laat and Danielle Heijkoop win final selection Subli Competition

November 14, 2023

On Saturday, November 11, the last selection competition of this season of the Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses was held in Berkel-Enschot. The results were very close in both classes. The class for four year olds was won by Femke de Laat with Oromance. In the class for five-year-olds the victory went again to Danielle Heijkoop with Nordic Blue Hors. This combination already won the qualifier of Tolbert.

Lots of competition in the section for four-year-olds

The class for four-year-olds had a large field of participants with 19 combinations. The horses and their riders were judged by judges Karin Retera and Janine van Twist who were very pleased with the quality of the participants. Janine explains: "A large group also means a lot of competition and this made for a wide leading group in the final results. We saw many good combinations pass by and fine young horses that were presented nicely. Femke de Laat's winning horse Oromance showed a lot of balance in the trot and a fine workable walk. Trial technique was top notch. This horse is definitely on the right track for a bright future. And also very important; he was presented very friendly and nicely by his rider Femke. Nice on his own legs and with a nice touch. Second place went to Annemijn Boogaard with Oxxi Lena. This horse has three fine gaits and scored very high in the walk. Renate van Uytert-van Vliet finished third with O'Toto Van De Wimphof. This horse has a correct walk and canter but excels especially in the trot. He received a 9 for that."

Nordic Blue Hors and Night Watch shine in the section for five-year-olds

In the class for five-year-olds, judges Mathie Boomaars and Jeanette Wolfs-Dielissen were also very satisfied with the group of riders they were allowed to judge. Jeannette says: "We have seen a nice group of horses in the ring, the quality was very high. There was also good riding by the riders, most horses were presented very nicely. Some horses were still a bit spooky, but that is not so strange for those young horses in such a competition environment. Nordic Blue Hors of Danielle Heijkoop is a very fine and sturdy horse with a strong hind leg. He was really the winner for us. He excelled in his walk and got a 9 for that. With this rider we see a good future for this talented horse. Right behind, Beni Pachl finished second with Nachtwacht. This combination stood out because of the way it was presented, very light on the hand. There was definitely a fine harmony. Nachtwacht is also a very complete horse and showed a fine relaxed test."

Balance for the semifinals

After this last selection competition in Berkel-Enschot the balance can be drawn. Only the best fifteen combinations of this season will receive an invitation to the semi-final on December 9 in Harmelen. During this semi-final only the best five combinations can conquer a starting ticket for the exciting final which will be held again this season on January 25, 2024 during the unique equestrian event. Jumping Amsterdam.

Results Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses Berkel Enschot Nov. 11


1 Femke de Laat, Oromance (For Romance) - 82
2 Annemijn Boogaard, Oxxi_Lena (Secret) - 80
3 Renate van Uytert-van Vliet, O'Toto Van De Wimphof (by Toto jr.) - 79.6

Subli Competition four-year-olds Berkel Enschot

Winners four-year-olds - photo by


1 Danielle Heijkoop, Nordic Blue Hors (by Totilas) - 80.8
2 Beni Pachl, Night Watch (by Everdale) - 80.4
3 Christel Heuseveldt, No Secret (v.Secret) - 79

Subli Competition five-year-olds Berkel Enschot

Winners five-year-olds - photo by

The semi-final of the Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses will take place on December 9 in Harmelen. So quickly check the overview of all those selected and the final score on theĀ Subli Competition page. All those invited to the semifinals, congratulations!