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Charissa Buurmeijer and Beni Pachl win final selection match Subli Competition

November 14, 2022

The countdown to the semi-finals of the Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses has begun. Last Saturday, November 12, the last selection competition for four- and five-year-old dressage horses was on the program and thus also the last opportunity to collect points for the next round on December 10 in Harmelen. Beni Pachl with Hexagons Miamanda convincingly won the class for five-year-olds and Charissa Buurmeijer with No Limit finished well above in the four-year-olds.

Both classes in Berkel-Enschot were judged by judges Mathie Boomaars and Karin Retera who were well aligned this competition. Judge Karin Retera looks back with satisfaction on the performances of the participants at the top of the standings, but also sees growth opportunities for many other combinations. Karin explains: "We have seen many beautiful and quality horses in both classes. Horses that - if trained the right way - have a lot of talent for the future. The Subli Competition is a talent test where we look at the qualities and talents of the young horse and that is only possible if the horse gets the opportunity to show those natural qualities. The way a horse is presented is therefore very important to us. The horse must be able to use its body in a natural way and be properly guided by the rider. Therefore, we do not like to see a horse being put in a certain position too much and being ridden uphill at a young age. It is our responsibility as judges to be honest about that and adjust the judging accordingly."

Looking at the moment

Judge Mathie Boomaars adds: "We really look at the class being ridden at that moment and only judge the performance of the combination we see in our ring. What a horse has done at other competitions or which rider is on the horse is not at all relevant to our assessment. A horse with a lot of natural ability and power presented on its own legs and free of the hand will always score high with us. And that's the way it should be."

Talent oozes from them

One combination that did that just fine and that the judges waxed lyrical about was the five-year-old Hexagons Miamanda who, under the saddle of Beni Pachl, earned a high score of 86.60. Karin says, "This horse is really a top talent which you rarely see. We saw a lot of his own suppleness and carrying capacity and ability to close. The talent is dripping off. In addition, Miamanda was presented nicely by Beni. If you continue to train this horse in a pleasant and nice way, you can grow towards the Grand Prix in a playful way."


The four-year-old No Limit with Charissa Buurmeijer also scored high marks with the judges and won the class for four-year-olds with 85.00. Karin: "This horse may have looked like just an 'ordinary chestnut' but he has so much natural talent and ability to switch, we were very charmed by that. He walked nicely in balance and fine on his own legs. Really a textbook example of how we like to see it. But also number two Femke de Laat with Nashville Sw should definitely be mentioned. This horse has a lot of talent and was presented very professionally by Femke, appropriate to the level and age of the horse."

Results Subli Competition Young Dressage Horses November 12 Berkel-Enschot


1. Charissa Buurmeijer - No Limit (by Geniaal), 85.00
2. Femke de Laat - Nashville Sw (by Secret), 83.20
3. Judith Ribbels - Nanny Mc Phee (by Vitalis(Capriool)), 79.20

Photo: Kathleen van Winden


1. Beni Pachl - Hexagons Miamanda (by Toto Jr.), 86.60
2. Annemijn Boogaard - Mr. Magnum Bth (by Expression), 84.40

Photo: Kathleen van Winden

The semi-final of the Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses will be held on December 10 in Harmelen. So quickly check the overview of all selected horses and the final score on the Subli Competition page. All those invited to the semifinals, congratulations!