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Annemijn Boogaard and Bart Veeze shine during semifinal Subli Competition

December 11, 2023

On Saturday, December 9, after eight selection competitions, it was time for the semi-finals of the Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses. Only the best combinations had a starting ticket for this semi-final in Harmelen. There was good competition with high scores at the top of the standings. In the four-year-old class Annemijn Boogaard rode a very strong preseason with Oxxi Lena and also during the semi-finals they performed strongly by convincingly taking the win. The class for five-year-olds was won by last year's four-year-old winner Bart Veeze with Nero.

In the four-year-olds, 12 horses were selected for the semi-finals and in the five-year-olds, 16 combinations competed. At stake was a ticket to the coveted final on January 25, 2024 during Jumping Amsterdam. Only five combinations per age group may compete in the impressive arena of RAI Amsterdam for the title in the Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses.

Judges very impressed with four-year-old Oxxi Lena

Judges Adriaan Hamoen and Patricia Wolters were very impressed with the four-year-old Oxxi Lena presented by Annemijn Boogaard. Therefore, there was no doubt that this combination was going to win the class. Judge Adriaan Hamoen explained: "First of all, it is a very quality horse with three very fine good gaits. But the deciding factor was really the way Oxxi Lena was presented. So honest, flowing, nice off the hand and obvious; very nice to watch. Annemijn made everything look very easy and that really is an art. Compliments for that." The judges were also very pleased with number two Renate van Uytert with O'Toto Van De Wimphof. Adriaan: "This is a very big-framed horse with a lot of quality. He could only have been ridden a little more from the hand for even higher marks." Completing the podium was Mercedes Verweij and Oliver R Tambo Sv in third place.

Annemijn Boogaard with Oxxi Lena during the semifinals of Subli Competition 2023

Annemijn Boogaard with Oxxi Lena during the semifinals of the Subli Competition 2023

Exciting battle in five-year-old dressage class with Bart Veeze and Nero winning

There were also nice scores in the class for five-year-old dressage horses. Bart Veeze already won the final with Nero at the beginning of this year during Jumping Amsterdam in the four-year-olds and also this year in the five-year-olds the combination managed to leave a strong impression with the judges. Adriaan Hamoen says: "The top three in this class were certainly evenly matched. The scores were close together. However, Bart Veeze's Nero just stood out for us. The highlight of this horse is definitely the walk for which we scored a 9.5. But he also has a great canter, with lots of jump and ease. Kim Noordijk came second just behind with This is Naqueen. This big-framed horse has three good gaits and was presented super correct. But sometimes we also saw some moments of tension. This is a combination we can still expect a lot from." Third and fourth place went to Femke de Laat with Network and Nashville Sw, respectively. Thanks to her good performance in the semifinals, Femke is her own reserve for the final in Amsterdam. The rider is only allowed to start one horse in the final and therefore has to choose who she takes to Amsterdam. That means that number 6 Febe van Zwambagt with Newport will also be delegated to the final.

Bart Veeze with Nero during the semifinals of Subli Competition 2023

Bart Veeze with Nero during the semifinals of the Subli Competition 2023


Only five combinations per age division may compete for the win during the exciting final at Jumping Amsterdam. The following combinations will enter the dressage ring at the Amsterdam RAI on Jan. 25, 2024, for the title fight:


  1. Bart Veeze with Nero
  2. Kim Noordijk with This is Naqueen
  3. Femke de Laat with Network (Nashville Sw reserve)
  4. Danielle Heijkoop with Nordic Bleu Horse
  5. Febe van Zwambagt with Newport.


  1. Annemijn Boogaard with Oxxi Lena
  2. Renate van Uytert-van Vliet with O'Toto Van De Wimphof
  3. Mercedes Verweij with Oliver R Tambo Sv
  4. Dinja van Liere with On Air
  5. Femke de Laat with Oromance

Results semi-final Subli Competition Harmelen December 9, 2023


  1. Annemijn Boogaard, Oxxi Lena (by Secret) - 87
  2. Renate van Uytert-van Vliet, O'Toto Van De Wimphof (by Toto jr.) - 83.4
  3. Mercedes Verweij, Oliver R Tambo Sv (by Just Wimphof) - 81.6

Download the full list of all four-year-old horses in the semifinals here.


  1. Bart Veeze, Nero (by Ferguson) - 84.2
  2. Kim Noordijk, This is Naqueen (by Trafalgar) - 82
  3. Femke de Laat, Network (by Just Wimphof) - 79.6

Download the full list of all five-year-old horses in the semifinals here.

For more information on the Subli Competition, visit the Subli Competition page. All those invited to the final during Jumping Amsterdam: congratulations!