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Two wins for Femke de Laat at the final of the Subli Competition

January 26, 2024

It was a top day for Femke de Laat yesterday at Jumping Amsterdam. She put down a great performance by winning both finals of the Subli Competition. In the four-year-olds she achieved a wonderful score of 89.240% with Oromance. In the five-year-olds, she won the final with the stallion Network with a score of 84.800%. With this they surpassed the competition by more than eleven percent.

Exciting competition among the four-year-olds

Annemijn Boogaard was hot on Femke de Laat's heels in the four-year-olds. With Oxxi Lena, she achieved a score of 89.040%. Dinja van Liere finished third with On Air and a score of 86.760%.

Podium places for Febe van Zwambagt and Kim Noordijk in the five-year-olds

Febe van Zwambagt captured second place in the five-year-olds with Newport, scoring 73.300%. Unfortunately, she did not remember the test and therefore rode it wrong, but despite that she still achieved second place. Kim Noordijk and This is Naqueen followed in third place with 72.600%.

Disappointment for Ribbels and Heijkoop

For Judith Ribbels and Danielle Heijkoop, the final did not go as hoped. Ribbels, only added to the start list last-minute, since Bart Veeze with Nero was out due to hoof ulcer, was ruled out because she rode the wrong test. In the five-year-olds, the FEI final test is prescribed but Ribbels assumed a free test, just as in the Subli Competition selections. Danielle Heijkoop saluted after she could not control the tension with the five-year-old stallion Nordic Blue Hors.

Final Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses 2023/2024

Results four-year-old dressage horses

  1. Femke de Laat - Oromance - 89.240%
  2. Annemijn Boogaard - Oxxi Lena - 89.040%
  3. Dinja van Liere - On Air - 86.760%
  4. Mercedes Verweij - Oliver R Tambo Sv - 84.280%
  5. Renate van Uytert - van Vliet - O'Toto Van De Wimphof - 82.880%

Winners Subli Competition Four-year-olds 2023/2024

Results of five-year-old dressage horses

  1. Femke de Laat - Network - 84.800%
  2. Febe van Zwambagt - Newport - 73.300%
  3. Kim Noordijk - This is Naqueen - 72.600%
  4. Judith Ribbels - Nanny Mc Phee - x
  5. Danielle Heijkoop - Nordic Blue Hors - x

Winners Subli Competition Five-year-olds 2023/2024