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Beni Pachl and Christel Heuseveldt score in Subli Competition Varsseveld

October 17, 2022

Friday, October 14, the second-to-last competition of the Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses was held in Varsseveld before the semi-finals in Harmelen. It was one of the last opportunities for the competitors to score points. In the class for five-year-olds the most points went to Beni Pachl with the black and brown mare Miamanda. In the four-year-olds, Christel Heuseveldt with her horse No Secret was clearly the best.

The competition in Varsseveld was judged by judges Kristel van Duren-Bodewes and Van den Berg who were both well on the same page. Judge Kristel says: "In the ring we saw beautiful combinations and very quality horses with a lot of potential for the future. However, we did see some tension in several horses and some riders could let the horses walk a little more on their own legs. Which is very important with young horses."


Kristel continued: "In the five-year-olds, Beni Pachl with his mare Miamande was definitely the outlier with a total of 83.400. Bennie rode a super neat and good test. Miamanda is a fine dressage horse and walks nicely uphill. In the walk we would like to see a little more body use and a little more jump in the canter. But otherwise technically a very strong test. Behind Beni, Kim Alting finished second with Madison Ave with a score of 78.600. Her horse went through the track with a lot of release and power, only the finishing of the test could be improved a bit. Also, we would like to see a more active stride."


"In the four-year-olds, the horse No Secret under the saddle of Christel Heuseveldt really stood out. No Secret has a very nice stride and was nicely presented and nicely ridden, nice to the hand. The combination also showed a lot of rhythm. Actually everything was just right. In the number two Cynthia Eggenkamp with Noble Romance we saw some moments of tension, but because she solved them so neatly and sympathetically, she still finished high in the standings. Especially in the walk this horse was very strong and we rewarded that with a nine. But also in the trot Noble Romance went through the track very light-footed. We were very pleased with this combination. Kim Koolen finished third with Night Shadow. This horse showed a lot of rhythm and a great canter. Trial technique can still be improved and we would also like to see a bit more towards the hand. But definitely a horse with a lot of qualities."

Results Subli Competition Young Dressage Horses Oct. 14 Varsseveld


1. Christel Heuseveldt - No Secret (by Secret), 85.200
2. Cynthia Eggenkamp - Noble Romance (by For Romance), 83.600
3. Kim Koolen - Night Shadow (by Guardian S), 81.200

Winner in the four-year-olds: Christel Heuseveldt with No Secret (v.Secret)


1. Beni Pachl - Miamanda (by Toto Jr.), 83.400
2. Kim Alting - Madison Ave (by For Romance), 78.600

Winner in the five-year-olds: Beni Pachl