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Amber Hage and Beni Pachl win convincingly Subli Competition 2021

January 14, 2022

Thursday evening, January 13, the all-decisive final of the Subli Competition for young dressage horses 2021 was held in Tolbert. The big winner in the four-year-olds was Amber Hage who achieved an overwhelming score of 91.6 with her homebred stallion Mercurius ACM. In the five-year-olds, the win went convincingly to Beni Pachl who scored 85.6 with his Hexagons Luxuriouzz.

Amber Hage with Mercury and Beni Palch with Luxuriouzz

For both classes five competitors had selected themselves for this final through the previous selection competitions and the semi-final on December 11 in Harmelen. Traditionally, the final of the Subli Competition takes place every year at Jumping Amsterdam, but due to all the coronamation measures this event could not take place so a good alternative for the final was sought. This was found at the Subtop Dressage Days in the beautiful accommodation of the HJC Manege in Tolbert. Everything in Tolbert was taken care of down to the last detail so that the participants could ride a final worthy competition. Something that was very much appreciated by all participants and the judges.

Clear winner in the four-year-olds
Both classes were judged by judges Patricia Wolters and Monique Peutz who were full of praise for the finalists who appeared in the lane. Patricia Wolters said afterwards, "As judges we really enjoyed this great competition with an awful lot of quality horses. It was actually a pity that there were not more. In the four-year-olds there was one combination that stood out for us head and shoulders: Amber Hage with the stallion Mercurius ACM. This stallion is really exceptionally good, you would almost forget that he is only four years old. He has a lot of balance, beautiful scope and a nice constant touch. His switchability is also great and we rewarded him with a ten. Just like his trot for that matter. He was also very well worked by Amber and showed no tension at all. A pleasure to watch.

Amber herself also looks back with pride at the achievements of her homebred stallion. She says, "Mercury is a dream come true for me. He is so great, really special to experience. He also has a very sweet character and always does his best. When I ask him forward it's like he takes off, really a bizarre feeling. And when going back in pace, all I have to do is think about it and he already comes back. His switching ability is really amazingly good. It's so nice to be able to experience this with him and win this competition. It's all first time for him of course, but for me too and that's just super fun. We're going to see what the future brings us all. Our goal for this year is to work towards the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses, which I think is really great. We're already in the pipeline for the pre-selection, so I'm curious to see how he picks up on that.

Second place in the four-year-olds was taken by Beni Pachl with Hexagons Gorgeous Black Art. Judge Patricia Wolters: "This combination came into the ring first and we were immediately impressed by the high level. This stallion also has three very good gaits with a beautiful uphill canter. The scope was a bit sparing and could have been shown a bit more clearly, but otherwise a beautiful test of a beautiful combination.

Impressive winner five-year-olds
Also in the five-year-olds, Beni Pachl was back in the results list, this time at the very top with Hexagons Luxuriouzz. The Hungarian-born rider has been working as a stable rider at Stal Hexagon for over two years now and continues to score with the impressive chestnut stallion Hexagons Luxuriouzz. Judge Patricia says about this combination: "This stallion has a lot of power and power. He was nicely presented by Beni and showed good movements. He showed beautiful uphill movements and definitely shows a lot of quality and talent for the future. The same goes for number two, Bart Veeze with Supreme. This stallion was also very well presented and showed a lot of suppleness. In the scope the difference could only be shown a little clearer. Just behind Bart Veeze, Jill Bogers with Lennox US finished third. With this combination there was clearly some tension at the beginning of the test. Lennox was not quite at ease, but during the canter and certainly afterwards it got much better and you could see a clear difference. Then the qualities of the horse really came to the fore.

Five competitors were selected for the class for five-year-olds, only four appear in the final results. Patricia explains: 'Eline van Egmond rode the wrong test with Leonardo Da Silica and could not show us the correct test. So unfortunately we had to call her out, which of course is very unfortunate for a final.'

Results Final Subli Competition for Young Dressage Horses 2021

1. Amber Hage - Mercury ACM (by Dream Boy) - 91.6
2. Beni Pachl - Hexagons Gorgeous Black Art (by Toto jr) - 87.0
3. Renate van Uytert-Vliet - My Blue Horse Santiano (by Sezuan) 79.6
4. Sharon van Dijk - Montreux (by Gunner KS) - 78.2
5. Femke de Laat - Mission (by Eye Catcher) - 77.8.

1. Beni Pachl -Hexagons Luxuriouzz (by Johnson) - 85.6
2. Bart Veeze -Supreme (by Sezuan) - 81.2
3. Jill Bogers - Lennox US (by Grand Galaxy) 80.8
4. Dirk-Jan van de Water - Denton RMD (by Dream Boy) 75.4

Award ceremony for four- and five-year-olds