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About Subli

Subli® provides a high quality feed for horses and pony’s. It is made of 100% vegetable and safe raw materials such as oats, barley, maize, bran, flaxseed and pure natural herbs. As a specialist in the field of horse feed Subli® know what horses and ponies need to flourish, like no other . Such specialized knowledge can be found in the complete Subli® range. With Subli® we know exactly what your horse or pony needs in order to remain healthy and vital and reach their optimum performance.

Subli® is the result of global effort

At Subli® a vast team of specialists in a progressive manner is busy with the available raw materials to make consistently good quality feeds. Moreover they are gathering specific knowledge concerning the whole world to be able to develop new products.

Subli® make horse feed according to strict rules

To ensure the high quality and best security is to ensure continuous Subli® horse feed according to strict protocols of the labels + GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001, EKO and TrusQ. This takes Subli® worldwide in a unique position.

Subli® let your horse or pony perform better

In addition to energy and protein are minerals, trace elements and vitamins. These are very important in the diet of your horse. Vitamins are the driving force behind combustion. Minerals are important in the advancement of the body. Trace elements are essential components in the metabolism and for building resistance. Roughage can be very variable in composition. Subli® takes this into account.

The choice is made for minerals and vitamin components with a high biological value and a good stability. This operation is also guaranteed over a longer period. Subli® is a sponsor supplier of the house KNHS and the NHB at Deurne. These organizations are among the large group of satisfied Subli® users.

Put your horse or pony on the track of good performances

Horses and pony’s are a source of pleasure and relaxation. Whether it’s professional sport or recreational under the saddle. Time and again we ask for good performance. For this reason they deserve our optimum care.  Subli® helps improve performance by:

The supply of tasty food so that your horse or pony like to enter the record To ensure a wide range of feed so you can choose what best suits your horse or pony.

The feed to provide enough vitamins, minerals, trace elements with high biological value and essential amino acids that your horse or pony remains vital.

The essential fatty acid levels to optimize your horse or pony that extra stamina and get a nice sheen.

The small Subli® also proficient user guide to ensure an excellent price / performance ratio.


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